What is an Applied A-Level?

Applied ‘A levels’ are growing in popularity nationally and are now being offered by a number of exam boards. They offer a different assessment model to conventional A levels as they are a balance of both coursework and exams. Exams boards give them various different names, such as Extended Certificates, but it is simplest to think them as applied versions of A levels.

These courses are structured like diplomas but are the same size as a single A level and work within an A level programme. They are usually studied in combination with A levels but you can study three Applied ‘A levels’ as a full programme on its own.


Our offer for next year includes these Applied ‘A levels’:

Applied Criminology

Applied Engineering

Applied Digital Games Production

Applied Human Biology

Applied IT

Applied Law

Applied Marketing

Applied Psychology

Applied Public Services

Applied Sport & Fitness

Applied Sport & Exercise Science

Applied Travel & Tourism


These qualifications have all been developed in conjunction with universities and provide a platform for progress into higher education.

This includes Russell Group universities but some of these, such as Bristol for example, stipulate that they should be accompanied by at least one conventional A level

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