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Personal and Professional Development Programme

The Henley College is extremely proud of its Personal and Professional Development (PPD) programme. 

Every student is supported closely by their PPD Tutor who will guide you during your time as a student. Your PPD Tutor is your main contact at college, and they will help to connect you, and your parents or carers, with your teachers. They want to ensure your college experience is the best that it can be. They will help you manage your time, overcome any challenges that come up along the way, and give you the tools you need to stay organised and motivated.

Your PPD Tutor will lead one-hour weekly sessions, which are a compulsory part of your timetable. Your PPD sessions are the place where you, and fellow students, learn vital skills that will support your decisions when developing your thinking about your next steps after college. You will develop skills such as: 

  • Teamwork
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Problem solving
  • Aiming High
  • Creativity

The PPD Programme also has a team of five performance psychologists who will meet with you each term to deliver workshops designed to help you develop important skills, like resilience and the ability to practice purposefully. This programme will provide a great support for you as you move towards revision periods and exams.

PPD sessions are also a place for group discussions around contemporary issues, and a time to build new relationships and get to know other students in an informal and interactive setting. Your Tutor will also provide a one-on-one session each term to help monitor your progress, consider any challenges or issues, and encourage and support your general wellbeing. Your Tutor is also available during college hours if you need a quick chat or to arrange more time to talk through a problem.


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