Sport Enrichment

Our Enrichment programme gives you a great opportunity to try something new alongside your main studies. 

It is a social part of College life where you will be able to learn a new skill or develop existing skills, play a sport or join one of many clubs.  Most importantly,  it is a great way to settle in and make friends.  We encourage you to participate in at least one Enrichment option during your time at the Henley College although you can sign up to as many as you would like. 

Sports Enrichment offers all students at the College an opportunity to develop their skills and fitness. A number of sports are available each year, usually including basketball, netball, football, and rugby. Training sessions form an integral part of the timetable within the normal college day, allowing you to train regularly with specialist coaches alongside your main academic programme. Participating students will typically have an additional 3–4.5 hours of sports training per week.

Sports Enrichment encourages participation from learners across the College; it is not exclusive to Sports students or elite sportspeople. If there are large numbers applying for your chosen sport, you may need to attend a trial. If you are interested in joining Sports Enrichment, please indicate this on your application form.