Digital and Enterprise Suite

The digital suite accommodates pop-up enterprise spaces, innovation hubs and digital skills teaching. The suite is open from 8:45 – 16:00 Monday – Friday.

During this time the suite is accessible to students to use as a professional, collaborative workspace. There is full Wi-Fi connectivity and smart screens throughout with futuristic style booths to enable group student work and presentations.

The aim is to prepare students for their future careers by embedding entrepreneurial and employability skills.

There are a fleet of laptops located in the suite that are there for students’ use and laptops can be connected to the smart screens located throughout the suite, to ensure collaborative work can be carried out to its maximum potential and efficiency.

We want to keep our great facilities, such as this one, in the best possible condition we can for our students. For this reason we do say that there is to be no eating in the digital suite and students can only drink water. Please respect this when using as it ensures the space will remain in the best condition for all to use with great regularity.

We hope to see you in the digital suite soon!