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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an initial enquiry?

You can contact the Admissions team via phone at 01491 579988 or email admissions@henleycol.ac.uk. You can also find lots of information about the College by visiting the Your Future at Henley section of our website. You can also visit the Support section of the website to find out more about Student Services, transport and bursaries.

How do I apply?

You can submit an online application via the website. Please ensure you enter all the required fields including a valid personal email address (not school email), phone number, and predicted/mock/target GCSE grades for 2023. If you have already achieved your GCSEs, then please state these where applicable. Please ensure you take note of the email address used to create you online application and password as you will need this throughout you application and enrolment journey.

When is the application deadline?

The Henley College does not have an application deadline, however given the high demand for our courses in our recent enrolment, we do encourage students to apply by the end of February half term to maximize their chances of getting offers for their first choice courses.

Is there an age limit when applying to The Henley College?

The Henley College is primarily a 16-18 year old College. Students typically attend the College once they have completed their GCSE's, however under some circumstances, students are able to transfer to The Henley College after this. In some cases, we are able to accept applications for older students but this is subject to the discretion of the Assistant Principal, Curriculum Leader and our Finance Team.

What should I do if I don’t know what course to take?

The best way to find out information about our courses is to attend one of our Open Events. This is the perfect opportunity to speak to all of the teachers, ask questions, and find out as much information as you can. Our Open Event dates and times will be posted on our website and our social media.

You can also visit our ‘Courses’ page:

Courses at Henley College

Can I study just one A Level?

No. Our A Level programmes require students to study 3 A Levels, however this can be made up of Applied A Levels and/or Full A Levels.

Can I study four A Levels?

There is an opportunity to study four A Levels at The Henley College. This can be confirmed at your interview.

Can I study a mixture of A Levels and Vocational courses?

Typically, students study either an A Level programme of 3 A Levels/ Applied A Levels, or one Vocational course. On some occasions, students have studied an A-Level course alongside their Vocational course and this is subject to the discretion of the Assistant Principal and/or Curriculum Leader and timetable feasibility.

How many hours a week will I spend in lessons?

A typical College timetable will be around 14 hours per week. 12 hours would be made up of lessons and teaching and the other hours will be Tutorial and Enrichment.

What is the college dress code?

There is no uniform or set dress code for the college. You can wear whatever you would like, within reason, as long as it's suitable for your chosen course(s).

What is enrichment?

Our Enrichment programme gives you a great opportunity to try something new alongside your main studies. It is a social part of College life where you will be able to learn a new skill or develop existing skills, play a sport or join one of many clubs.

Find out more about Enrichment

Can I try out some courses?

We have an opportunity for students to experience college life on our Offer Holders Day. This is when the students come into the College and take part in the subject choices they have made on their application and received an offer for.

I’m feeling anxious about starting College. Can you help me?

We know coming to College and being in a new environment can be a difficult experience for some, and it is perfectly normal to feel nervous. We have a fantastic, dedicated and approachable Student Services team who will work with anyone who may be feeling anxious. To get you ready for College, we also offer taster sessions, college tours, Open Events and personal advice and guidance to ensure you successfully adjust to College life.

What support can I expect at College?

Your wellbeing and achievements are very important to us, which is why we have a fantastic Student Services Team as well as a great Personal and Professional Development Tutor Team. Student Support is available to everyone, and each student is assigned a personal tutor and tutor group. Our Student Services include learning support, safeguarding, safe places, counselling, mental health support, events, and enrichment.

What if I change my mind about the course(s) I have applied for?

If you do change your mind about the course(s) you have applied for, you need to email Admissions - admissions@henleycol.ac.uk - who will then alter your application for you. Please do not apply again. This applies to any stage of the application process.

What is the Aspire Programme?

The Henley College Aspire Programme is designed to support and challenge high achievers looking to apply to Russell Group, Sutton 30 and Oxbridge universities in the future. As part of this programme you will be enrolled for the Extended Project alongside your A Level programme and be a assigned a specifically designated tutor group. The Extended Project is highly prized by universities and brings genuine added value to your studies with the opportunity to carry out your own research project, write a dissertation or create a performance or artefact. Within the tutorial group, there will be special focus on preparing you for a high level university application and building up relevant knowledge and experience.

What will my interview entail?

Your interview is more of a 'Getting to know you' exercise by a relevant member of staff. We need to make sure that your course choice(s) are suitable for what you wish to do after College, whether it’s moving onto University, starting an Apprenticeship or finding a job. It is nothing to be nervous or worried about, and is a very relaxed experience.

You will need to upload your latest school report with your predicted/mock/target GCSE grades to your application prior to your interview and email any medical documentation, i.e Form 8 and EHCPs to Admissions, for us to be able to make you a Conditional Offer.

When is enrolment?

The Henley College Enrolment Process starts on GCSE results day in August. Each student who has accepted a conditional offer from the College will be invited to enrol from this point. You will be sent instructions on how to enrol onto your course(s) during the summer before you start with us.

Can I apply to more than one college?

Yes. Students can apply to as many Colleges as they wish