At The Henley College we have a large and active board of governors who play an important role in the ongoing development of the College. The Corporation Board, which is a non-executive committee, meets at key stages throughout the academic year.

The main role of the Corporation is to oversee the way the college is run; make sure it delivers what its community needs in a way that reflects the highest professional and ethical standards; makes effective use of the resources it has available.

There are different categories of governors (also known as members) forming the Corporation Board. This comprises of external governors, who are recruited from outside the college from business and community organisations, staff, parent and  student governors and co-opted members. The latter serve on committees but not on the Board itself.

We believe that the best Boards are those that reflect the communities they serve and we particularly welcome applications to join our Board from groups that are under-represented on Governing Bodies.

We value and promote equality and diversity and are committed to equality of opportunity for all and, when a vacancy arises, appointments are made on merit, also taking account of the need to fill any identified skills gaps.