Learning Support

The Henley College is committed to responding effectively to students with learning difficulties, whenever practicable. We aim to ensure access to the mainstream curriculum whenever possible. This is achieved on the basis that adequate funding is available and that the curriculum is adaptable to provide suitable programmes.

Student Services - Learning Support at The Henley College

We have a dedicated team of staff who will work with you to identify and address individual learning needs and arrange appropriate support.

We ask that students tell us on the application form of any learning difficulties or disabilities (including mental health difficulties). If appropriate, a further questionnaire will be sent to you to gather more information, before an interview date is set.

Where possible, a member of the Student Services Team will conduct the interview and will discuss with you the support and reasonable adjustments that we can offer.

Those students who have an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) will be asked to provide us with a copy of the document prior to interview. If a place is offered, you will invited in, during a normal College day, to get an idea of the environment and the support available to you.

Students without an EHCP, but with SEN needs, are welcome to contact us if they would like to meet with the team, familiarise themselves with the site and buildings before the start of the term. Please contact Shelley Jarvis; the Learning Support Co-ordinator at MJAR@henleycol.ac.uk.

Those students with significant mental health difficulties, please contact either our Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead, Emma Holmes ehol@henleycol.ac.uk or our Welfare Co-ordinator Zoe Jelfs on zjel@henleycol.ac.uk if you require a support plan to be put in place.

Learning Support - One –to–One

This would be a timetabled weekly slot to meet with a Learning Tutor. They will concentrate on time management, assignment and homework planning within your subject areas. You will also be able to discuss any barriers to learning you may have, and they will be your “voice”, liaising with teaching staff on your behalf

Learning Support - Small Group Support

This would be a timetabled session, offered to some students who need additional support to write, proof read and structure assignments, essays or homework

Welfare Support

We have a safeguarding team who are responsible for the welfare of the students at the College. We offer safe places and quiet rooms, 1:1 support, drop-in support and counselling. We offer the students the opportunity to have a trusted adult who they can go to if they are struggling.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will review the paperwork and if necessary, discuss with parents their individual needs. This will be done after the application and before interview where possible

Exam Access Arrangements will be rolled forward from the school where possible. Usually you will need to be reassessed when you start at College and we do ask that you provide documentation from your school about exam arrangements at interview and/or enrolment

Support in lessons is only provided in exceptional circumstances, for example if you have an EHCP or physical need. The support at College usually takes place in your study periods in the form of 1:1 or small group work

We only carry out exam access arrangement assessments. These are not diagnostic so will not tell you if you have an SpLD, but they do give enough evidence to apply to the exam boards for special arrangements. They can also be used as an indicator for underlying difficulties.

We offer small group or one-to-one support within Student Services

For students with ASD, we offer a meeting prior to the start of the terms to help you familiarise yourself with the College site. EmailSALD@henleycol.ac.uk to book an appointment. We also have accessible virtual tours which can be used to help with transition. We can also offer timetabled one-to-one support and offer safe places, quiet rooms and drop-in support

Those students with an EHCP, ASD, hearing or visual impairments, physical or significant mental health difficulties will be offered this opportunity. Email MJAR@henleycol.ac.uk or ZJEL@henleycol.ac.uk to book an appointment. We can also arrange to meet others upon request and if time is permitting.