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If you were expecting to be sitting GCSEs in 2021, the chances are you are feeling quite uncertain about how GCSEs are going to be assessed due to the impact of COVID 19. 

This page has been put together for you by The Henley College to provide guidance to reassure and help Parents and Year 11 students in their studies over the coming weeks. 

We hope this will help students maximise their chances of good grades in their GCSEs, whatever format they may take. 


Impress your teachers with your proactivity 

This year there may be some exams still taking place but it is most likely that past exam results and course work will be used to determine your grades. With this in mind, now is the time to impress your teachers and show them what you are capable of. 

Get revision tips and advice ahead of your GCSEs from The Henley College

Revision Plan and Timetable 

Take 10 minutes to draw up a realistic revision plan that you know you can stick to. 

Draw up your own timetable or you can find lots of free websites that will generate a timetable for you, including Revision World.

Past Papers and Examiners Reports 

Some of you may still have to take exams of some kind, so it is really vital to practice using past papersYou can find past papers either through the examining boards for your subjects or via 

REMEMBER the more times you review and write about your subject area, your knowledge will move from the short term memory to the long term! 

Revision Techniques 

Flash cards 

Use flash cards to condense large amounts of information into key facts and essential trigger words 

Reading to study: (i.e. learning chapters from books) 

Tips for Studying 

But most of all, remember - Keep calm, stay positive and don’t panic! 

Further Advice 

If you have any questions about your application to The Henley College, then please get in touch with the admissions team on or call 01491 579988 

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