Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, all individuals have a general right of access to information that is held by public authorities.

The Henley College is committed to promoting a culture of openness and accountability and has a duty to help you understand your rights and responsibilities under this new legislation and to explain how you can exercise those rights and fulfil your responsibilities. Subject to the exemptions provided in the Act, anyone who makes a request to the College will be informed whether the College holds the information requested and, if it does, the information will be supplied. If another public authority already publishes the information you request, we will inform you how you can access the information. Where information is routinely published by the College, it will be made available under the College’s Publication Scheme.

Please note that you cannot use a Freedom of Information request to obtain personal information relating to yourself.

Publication Scheme

Under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, every public authority is required to adopt and maintain a publication scheme setting out how it intends to publish the different classes of information it holds.

The College is obliged to respond in writing within 20 working days to specific requests from any individual. You can expect the College, in its response, to state whether it holds information of the type requested, and, if so, then, subject to certain exemptions (including Data Protection principles), communicate it to you.

The College may make a reasonable charge for actual disbursements incurred for information which is not available on its website to cover administration, photocopying, postage and packing or to cover the costs of converting information to a preferred format.

The College may refuse a request if the cost of providing the information is over £450 or if the information is otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. You will be asked if you want to proceed with a request before work is done that will attract a charge.

Please see the College’s Freedom of Information Policy below.

Further information

More information about the Freedom of Information Act is available on the Information Commissioner's website at:


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