Summer 2021 Certificates

Certificates for Pearson, OCR, UAL, WJEC and AQA are now available for collection or post. Please e-mail exams@henleycol.ac.uk to request the certificates with at least 24 hours notice.

If you chose to go the postal route, there is a £4.00 charge which is payable by calling Deanfield reception on 01491 579988.
If you are collecting you must have photo ID with you and come to Deanfield reception between 10am and 3pm.



Exams Operational Lead - Natalie Green

The Exams Office is situated in Rotherfield in R1.

Students who have exams in January should wear a face covering during their examination(s), unless exempt from wearing a face covering, or if you have a reason why you believe you should not wear a face covering. Please let the invigilator know, if you will not be wearing a face covering during the examination.

January 2022 Exams Timetable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How will I know where to sit?

There are a number of options; namely:-

1. During an exam series your seat allocation will be shown on your portal.

2. On the outside of each examination room will be a seating plan. Look for your name (for example Row A Position 1), this will tell you where to sit.

3. For BTEC exams only, in each room you will have a name card on the tables.

Can I leave an exam early if I finish ahead of time?

No. You must stay for the duration of the exam as leaving early will cause disruption to other students that are still sitting their exam. Once the exam is finished you will be directed by the invigilator who will inform you that you may leave.

What happens if I am entitled to the 25%Extra Time and I don’t wish to use it?

That is fine, but you must stay at your desk for the duration of the exam – for example, English Writing is 1 hr. If the exam starts at 09.30 am you have until 10.30 am to complete the exam in the normal allotted time. But if you are entitled to the 25%ET your finishing time would be 15 mins later – 10.45 am. If you decide that you do not wish to stay for the extra time, you can leave at the normal allotted time of 10.30 am.
Am I allowed to have a toilet break? Normally the answer would be no, you should have gone to the toilet prior to entering the exam room. Sometimes though, it is unavoidable. If you do require to have a toilet break, you will be accompanied by an invigilator to the designated toilet and wait with you. You are not to speak to anyone in passing. REMEMBER! YOU ARE STILL SITTING YOUR EXAM!!! Any sign that you are talking with another student, could be misconstrued as potential cheating and therefore would mean your exam would be void.
Am I allowed to bring a drink in with me? Yes - only bottled water, it has to be in a clear container with no writing, labels, no design on it. It has to be a clear container only. No other form of soft drink is allowed. For example – squash or diet drinks. Only water.

Am I allowed to bring my mobile phone with me?

No! absolutely not!! If you have a mobile with you by accident then you are to hand it over immediately to the lead invigilator before the exam has started, who will hold onto it for you until the exam has ended. If you are caught with your phone on your person, even if it is turned off. It could potentially void your exam.
Am I allowed to bring my watch in with me? If you have a normal analogue watch, you can bring it into the exam space, but it has to be removed from your wrist and placed flat on the desk and NOT TO BE TOUCHED for the duration of the exam. So we encourage you not to bring them in.
Am I allowed Fitbits or Apple Watches? No! There are to be no electronic devices in the exam area at any time. If one comes into the exam area by mistake, then it must be handed over to the lead invigilator before the exam has started. It can then be collected once the exam has finished. If you are caught with your phone on your person, even if it is turned off. It could potentially void your exam.

What equipment can I bring into the exam area with me?

You can bring in the following equipment with you; namely:-

1. Black Pen

2. HB Pencil

3. Ruler

4. Eraser

5. Calculator(no cover) – but only if the exam requires you to do so

6. Mathematical equipment for example set square, compass – but only if the exam requires you to do so.

What happens if I forget my own equipment – pens, calculator, etc ?

The lead invigilator will have a small limited supply of basic equipment that you can use in an emergency for your exam.

Remember – it is up to you to make sure that you are prepared and ready to take your exam and have all the relevant equipment with you.


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