"We have hosted some lovely students who we are still very fond of"

Find out how you could become a host family and help support a sporting star of the future

The Henley College is launching a Girls Elite Rugby Programme in September 2021

The Henley College is looking for families in the Henley area who can provide accommodation during term time for female rugby students studying the College’s Girls’ Elite Rugby Programme 

Being a host family is a fantastic way to earn extra income while also gaining a really rewarding experience for the whole family. 

Henley resident, Mia Gibbons and her family, first became hosts for the College seven years ago. They decided to become a host family when their daughter left to go to university, and they realised there was a gap in the household.  

Speaking about their experience, Mia said: 

“We had two younger sons and wanted to have another positive role model in the house for them to follow. 

 We were not disappointed; we have hosted some lovely boys who we are still very fond of, and one of which has become another family member. He knows he has a home here with us if he ever needed it and regularly comes back to visit. He was the best role model we could have wished for [for our sons]. 

I would recommend becoming a host family, if like us you have a gap to fill in the house, and if you have space for some extra energy. It is always a gamble as to whether they will fit in with the family, but we have been very lucky so far.  

You have contact with the student’s parents, so if there are any issues they can be worked out. You definitely have to set some ground rules and make sure you are adaptable, so that you can find a way to make it a fun and rewarding experience for both them and you.” 

The girls’ rugby programme was launched earlier this year and is open to exceptional female players from across the country who will train alongside their academic studies at the College. 

The College’s rugby partner, Ealing Trailfinders, have secured a significant scholarship fund, which has made the programme more accessible for those students who would find the cost of studying and training prohibitive. 

Ealing Trailfinders have also offered tickets to their home games as a thank you to everyone who signs up as a host family. 

For more information please contact Fran Phelan via email at fphe@henleycol.ac.uk or by calling 01491 579988.

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