From student to sport star

Henley College alumni, Liam MacDevitt, has accomplished a lot since leaving us in 2013! Read our Interview with him to find out more, from his start at Yeovil Football club to Journalism in New Zealand...

Please tell us who you are, where you come from and what you are doing now.

Liam MacDevitt, I’m from Reading . I Left college and signed for Yeovil town when they were in league one and spent a few seasons there. Since then I completed a degree through the professional footballer association in Journalism whilst I was playing and I'm now playing professionally in New Zealand along with presenting a weekly show on the TV over here.


When did you come to The Henley College, what did you study here, and how did you get on?

I started Henley college back in 2011, and I studied English Literature, History and Anthropology. I loved the courses.


What was your first impression of The Henley College?

The first few months were some of the best! We had a late summer and I was fortunate enough to make some really good friends quickly.


Why did you choose to come here? What helped make up your mind?

I loved Henley as a place, and the range of courses was a big plus, being able to study in a place like Henley was a big factor in choosing the college.


What is your best memory of your time at The Henley College and why?

Its hard to choose just the one, but the summer months at college were great, the atmosphere of the college was incredible in the summer, both socially we often had lessons outside in the sun which was perfect.


Did you always want to do what you are doing now?

Kind of, it isn’t a career many get to do and I'm certainly grateful to be doing it. It’s been realising a childhood dream. But sport is never easy and has its high points and often lows, but I do feel very fortunate it has given me some incredible experiences and opportunities.


What has influenced your decisions about the subjects you have studied and the career path you have chosen?

The subjects I studied aren’t synonymous with sport but they enabled me to gain a degree in journalism which there is a slightly clearer transition to. I’ve been lucky enough to combine the two, and use them to see some of the world. Including broadcasting in Russia ahead of the world cup, and now playing in New Zealand.


What are your ambitions for the future?

I would love to see as much of the world as possible and football is a great opportunity to do that. I’m loving New Zealand but have plans to play in Asia in the next few years, if I can play for as long as the legs will allow and then transition into broadcasting and media work that would be ideal!


What do you think The Henley College did for you – aside from the qualifications you gained?

I think it was a step out of a comfort zone, you meet different people, both similar and more importantly not. Realising the benefits of moving out of what is comfortable has definetly made me more likely to take a risk and challenge myself.


If you had one piece of advice for a 15-16 year old thinking about their future, what would it be?    

Just try everything, and be proactive.

It all goes very fast and suddenly you have finished college then university and are working.

I don’t think you necesarily need a plan because it can limit you and add pressure; just give your all to whatever you decide to do and the rest will follow.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

My time at Henley college allowed me the opportunity to do a degree: along with have a career in sport. But more importantly gave me hundreds of memories and a few friends for life- It’s a time all be it short that I am very fond of.

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