BTEC Student accepted on BMW Apprenticeship

Student Hannah Harrington, from Buckinghamshire, has just completed a 2 year extended Diploma in Business Studies. She has just been accepted with the Sytner Group on an Apprenticeship scheme with BMW and Mini.

Hannah has been studying Business Studies over the past two years here.

She says about her time here - "In my first year at college for the first term I was not totally focused and therefore received a number of re-submissions. However, I soon discovered after Christmas that focusing better improved my work and I achieved very little submissions and distinctions in assignments."

"Henley college was very different to my previous school however it gave me the stepping stone to be more confident and self sufficient without the need of teachers breathing down your neck. It did however mean that you had to be self-motivated to achieve the desired results as once you fell behind it would be difficult to catch up."

"The Business Studies course being offered was my main reason for coming to Henley as I knew I did not wish to pursue A Levels however I wanted to continue to study business studies, after doing it at GCSE level, as it could lead to many of the opportunities that appealed to me most."

"Henley college has given me the opportunity to be confident in speaking and dealing with people from all walks of life and giving me the opportunity to mature in an area that I will continue in my career."


Hannah has been accepted on an apprenticeship, and says - "I am extremely proud that having submitted applications to various Companies offering apprenticeship schemes, I will be leaving college with the knowledge that I have a position with the Sytner Group as a Trainee Sales Adviser within their MINI and BMW companies. University was something that I just felt was not a good fit for me and would be better placed within a working environment where I could obtain hands on experience and grow professionally."

"In the future I would like to continue my education in various business areas with hopefully an opportunity in the future to be involved in a HR role."


Hannah's advice for young people preparing for their next steps are GCSE's: "Be positive, think about want you really wish to do with your life, choose a subject which you enjoy and feel that with the additional benefit of further education you will excel in to go on and achieve your goals. Most importantly follow a path that you will enjoy."


Many thanks to the staff at Henley college for assisting me in the next chapter of my life and may all that come to Henley have a similar experience and good onward career.