Students' Dance Show 'Seasons' Receives Great Review

Read Henley Standard's Susan Creed's review of the spectacular dance show performed at The Kenton Theatre.

Congratulations to students who performed at The Kenton Theatre in Henley.

"This stunning dance show was created by dance students at The Henley College and their teacher, Victoria Harley.

The inspired theme of the seasons gave scope for a wide range of interpretations, moods and visual effects, providing a rich and varied programme.

Most of the pieces were devised by individual students, pairs or groups, while the ensemble pieces were created by director Victoria.

The dancers gave each piece their all, expressing themselves in a range of styles including ballet, jazz and street.

The passing year was indicated by backdrop slides to suggest each season, together with minimal but meaningful props, such as a beach umbrella for summer.

Ava Whittington’s lovely costumes contributed to the seasonal feel. Spring was all green and pastels, flowers and blossom, with an emphasis on nature and growth in such dances as
Dandelion, Lavender’s Blue and Charlotte Waite’s memorable solo to Cry Me a River.

An upbeat, holiday mood dominated the summer section, perhaps best captured in the first act finale, Too Darn Hot, with 15 dancers and an enjoyable Hollywood vibe.

The autumn section was infused with the melancholy of falling leaves but with a distinct supernatural thread, for example the comical When You’re an Addams, performed by six members of this talented cast.

And so to the winter selection, culminating in the enchanting Waltz of the Snowflakes from The Nutcracker by 11 of the dancers.

What a show, fizzing with talent from beginning to end. With more than 30 dances and 26 performers, the cast made full and creative use of the Kenton space, dancing in the aisles as well as on stage.

I can’t give all the dancers a name check but be assured that every performance was noted and valued.

However, one who particularly caught my attention was Sonny Hardstaff. Who could resist his sparky summer salsa with Molly Beech or the emotionally charged Not a Lonely Winter, with Bebe Martin?

The Seasons comprised wonderfully agile, fluid, sometimes sassy dancing. Such a high standard requires hours of gruelling practice, so well done to all the performers and to Victoria for such an enjoyable programme. I wish I could see it all over again."

Thank you so much to Susan Creed, from the Henley Standard, for the review!

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