Pathways students provide great assistance for Chiltern Rangers

Back at the start of the year, our Pathways students went to Funges Meadow to take part in some conservation work.

Have a look back and celebrate some of the great work our Pathways department were involved with back at the start of the year! Students from Community Inclusion on the Pathways course went to Funges Meadow, High Wycombe.  They helped the Chiltern Rangers, John and Andrew with conservation work. Today they cut back an area of buddleia to give space for the wild flowers to grow in the spring. Have a look at the before and after photos below.

The Pathways students at The Henley College are always doing great things in the local community and are also regularly fund raising for charities. They are an absolute credit to the college and always bring joy and light to everyone around. You can find out some further details about this great department here and as always stay tuned for more great stories from our Pathways students.

After a tough days work, the students had obviously left a positive impact on the Chiltern Rangers with John Taylor stating “The Pathways students joined us at Funges Meadow, a small Local Nature Reserve in High Wycombe, and after exploring this wonderful space and learning about our precious local habitats, they worked hard helping us clear invasive Buddleia from the site.  They were engaged, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with and a real credit to themselves and the College Pathways department and we look forward to being able to work with them again.”


Thank you to John and Andrew for their expert guidance throughout and we hope that in the near future we will be able to see the good work done from the students in full swing when the wild flowers are fully grown and glistening in the Summer.