Media Studies Trip to Disneyland Paris

Students visited Disneyland Paris to see firsthand how the company markets its brand.

This November our A-Level Media Studies students visited Disneyland Paris. To experience first-hand the marketing genius of one of the world’s largest media companies!

Students spent time at a seminar and workshop investigating the Disney brand values and marketing strategy as well as designing an advert for a piece of Disney merchandise. Teacher James Ashford said:

“This is a new trip for us so I was pleased to see how closely the teaching material aligned with our curriculum. The students got an insight into the enormous care and attention to detail Disney takes with its marketing strategy as a global brand. It is a fantastic opportunity for them to experience first-hand how a company with unrivaled expertise uses every part of their business to generate synergy.”

But it wasn’t all fun. The students also a day-and-a-half in both parks exploring the facilities and testing the rides. James added:

“One of our key media theorists, Jean Baudrillard, cites Disneyland as a prime example of hyperreality. He described Disneyland as a perfect model of the entangled orders of simulation’ and I think our students gained a valuable understanding of his concept by visiting the park and watching visitors interact with the attractions. I think they also enjoyed themselves hugely.”

Student Thabo Mahunye said:

“The workshop helped me understand how Disney promotes its merchandise and we saw this in the park by looking at the way they used the characters to interact with guests.”

Amelia Fitzpatrick added:

“I thought the trip was really good. I’ve never been on a ferry before so that was a new experience. Disney was beautiful. I liked looking in the stores and seeing the range of merchandise you could buy and I could see for myself how this related to the films they are currently promoting. Even during the fireworks at the end of the evening, they were still promoting their films and products.”

We are thrilled to witness the positive impact these trips have on our students, inspiring and shaping their future endeavors through valuable learning experiences.

For those passionate about Media Studies or Marketing and eager to embark on incredible trips with our school, explore our courses HERE.

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