Henley Fire Station Hosts Eye-Opening Visit for Public Services Students

Students from our Uniformed Public Services program had an exhilarating excursion to Henley Fire Station last week. Read more to gain an insight into what experiences our Public Services students have.

In an exciting venture last week, students from our Level 2 and Level 3 Uniformed Public Services Extended Diploma embarked on a captivating field trip to Henley Fire Station.

The day kicked off with an engaging presentation by the firefighters, offering valuable insights into pursuing a career in the fire service. The students delved into the experiences, skills, and daily routines of these heroic first responders. To add a hands-on element to the experience, students had the opportunity to test out the complete emergency kit and take on challenges such as maneuvering a 75kg dummy.

Exploration of the fire engine was a highlight as students unleashed the power of the water hose and acquired practical knowledge on connecting to a fire hydrant. The day was filled with interactive learning, providing a unique glimpse into the demanding yet rewarding world of firefighting.

Andy Unsworth, teacher of Public Services, expressed his thoughts on the experience, stating, "There was certainly a 'buzz' from the students and staff that attended with great enthusiasm."

A special thanks to Micheal Clarke and the firefighting entire team for orchestrating this insightful experience. A shoutout was also given to Piers Burnell, a Learning Support Assistant at The Henley College for making the trip possible.

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