Former Student joins The Ministry of Defence

Former student, Qasim, is set to start his career as a Civil Servant at the Ministry of Defence after thriving studying Public Services at Henley College. Find out more about his time at The Henley College and what he's doing now.

"I attended The Henley College for two years between September 2017 and July 2019. I was drawn to the college due to the specific course I would be able to study there, Public Services. This was something that appealed to me greatly as well as the location of the college. Being in Henley and so close to the town was also something I saw as a big plus."

"My first impression of the college was that it was incredibly big! The two campuses almost made it like a maze. It is a very friendly environment though and the entire college is clean and an appealing learning environment. All the staff were very helpful and were always on hand to offer help and advice throughout the year."

"One thing that stands out from my time at Henley was a trip that I attended through the Public Service course. The trip was centred on leadership and teamwork, it was interesting, beneficial and also it was great fun. Being able to improve my leadership and teamwork skills has prepared me for moving into greater levels of seniority within work, specifically at the Ministry of defence. This is an ambition of mine and one day I hope to work in Security & Defence in a senior position at the Ministry of Defence and all around the world. Also to promote British investment in weapons, defence systems and business areas. I’m sure my journey will take many different routes, but that is the plan."

"Attending Henley College gave me the independence to think critically and analyse situations to the fullest to ensure I had full understandings of situations and environments. I really think these are skills I would not have gained from staying on at sixth form and ultimately feel that I have been given a head start for the real world through my college experience."

"My advice for 15/16 year olds thinking about their post aged 16 study would be to find something that you have a passion for and run with that. Don’t get too hung up on what friends are doing, or if your parents think it’s the best route for you. Find something you love and go for it. Oh, and stick with it as well!"

"Overall, I really enjoyed my time at college and when I think back I definitely miss being at Henley. The support and advice I received from teachers was great and I thank them hugely for it. I will always have time for Henley."