Former Student Creates Sustainable Clothing Company

Ralph Burrows came up with Eco Kaila during the Covid-19 Lockdown and has collaborated with Heartstopper writer to produce a T-shirt design for charity.

Former student Ralph Burrows, who studied Creative Media Production, is the creator of sustainable clothing brand Eco Kaila and has collaborated with author, illustrator and screenwriter Alice Oseman, widely-known for LGBTQ+ romance comic Heartstopper.

The T-shirt was made to celebrate Pride and raise money for 'Not A Phase', a trans-led grassroots charity dedicated to awareness campaigning.

Ralph said the shirts were popular. He said: “Once I put the shirt on the website I thought it would take months to sell 1,000 but we sold out in around an hour. We then restocked 4,000 more, of which half sold within only a few hours.

When we sell out again, this would raise around £31,250 for charity. Alice has such a loyal fan base which made the project really unique, I’m not sure we would ever have this level of impact again.”

Ralph who is from Henley, founded Eco Kaila, the carbon neutral, genderless clothing company from his bedroom during the Covid-19 lockdown.

If you want to harness your entrepreneurial spirit, apply to The Henley College by clicking here.

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