First Year student Alex shares his transformative College experience

First Year student Alex studies his A Levels in Business, Maths, Computer Science and shares his experience of college life so far.

My name is Alex Cranston. I come from Waingels Copse College and I study Computer Science, Business, Mathematics with prospects of starting Further Maths in Year 13.

I first came to The Henley College for the first time at the start of this academic year in September. My first true experience with the culture of The Henley College was the like-minded students in my courses who assisted me in getting to grips with concepts I wasn’t proficient in. A lot of these fellow students are my friends at this college which allows for group/team work to be effective.

My first impression of the college cemented my future experience here as a hard-working, desirable and intellectually diverse group of students and teachers working/studying hard to achieve their ambitions or to assist others. This made me choose The Henley College.

The reason why I chose The Henley College is because of the independence allowed by the college as I have six lessons per week. This level of independence, allows me to focus on my studies and pursue my interests independently which has matured and demonstrated to me that I enjoy the subjects that I do.

My best memory of my time at this college so far was receiving my mock grades; AAA. This accomplishment to me proved to me that I am capable of doing great things and this college is truly helpful in that endeavor as my predicted mock grades beforehand were BBC.

I did not always want to do what I am doing right now as I began to have doubts at the start of the year, however as I got more in depth with my courses and reignited my passion for mathematical subjects, in particular Computer Science.

What influenced me most is me. I tried to limit all outside interference with what I choose to do as in the end, if this career path is for me I will be working this possibly for the rest of my life. This is tough however, in the end it is worth it.

My ambition for the future is to apply for Russell Group universities that will allow me to advance my understanding of Computer Science and the applications that seemingly mathematical abstract concepts has on it. My aspiration is to receive an offer for Oxford University to study for Computer Science and then study for a Master’s degree.

The Henley College so far has assisted me in every step of the way with help after class with work that I couldn’t understand or even simple pieces of advice that will take me a long way. Overall, the teachers for me were particularly friendly and understanding as in college you are no longer seen as a naïve teenager instead you are a becoming a young adult and being treated in this manner is incalculably effective at maturing you.

Everyone hears this. Everyone knows this. Do what you want to do. You are you. You are not your friends, family, parents and in 20 years you will be facing the consequences of these decisions and they will not. Make the most of them.

This college has improved my own mental well-being as being with a new set of people was slightly frightening to me. However seeing other students feeling the same makes everything far more refreshing. On a final note, this college is transforming students into functioning members of society and if you feel you wish to be apart of this, do not hesitate to apply.

If you want to become an independent person apply to The Henley College by clicking here.

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