Call of the Wild host Public Services students in Abercraf, Wales

Our first year Public Services students recently had the opportunity to visit Abercraf in Wales as part of a four day trip to Call of the Wild.

On 2nd March, The Henley College Public Services Extended Diploma 1st year students took part in a four day trip to Call of the Wild in Abercraf, Wales as part of the Teamwork and Leadership module for their course.


Students took part in activities such as Caving, Rock Climbing, Gorge walking (including jumping from waterfalls) and each group also lead an evening expedition testing map reading, leadership and camping skills.


This gave the students great opportunities to try out new, adventurous, activities that would expose them to new challenges that would require them to develop key employability skills such as their leadership and teamwork. The opportunity to be put into these scenarios outside of the classroom, also provides a completely different environment for the students. Ultimately, as well as being an engaging and enjoyable experience, this also allows our students to experience new challenges in a new setting, which will be invaluable experience for them as they move onto employment or university in the future.


Call of the Wild Lead instructor James Martin said “These are some of the best groups we have seen in recent years and all of these students would be welcomed back next year- some as potential instructors!”


Call of the Wild have worked with Welsh Rugby teams, Worcester Warriors Rugby and The John Lewis Partnership in the last couple of years so this praise from the instructors for our students is highly regarded and very encouraging to hear.

1st year Public Service student Priyanni Varsani said “I loved this week and wanted to stay. I like how we all became closer and I am so proud of myself. I would love to go back next year!”


Isobel Yarwood summarised by saying “I really like the way our group became closer throughout the week due to the different activities we faced together”


Milosz Marczynski added “It was a great week… but a bit cold!”


Public Services teacher Roger Andrews commented on the commitment and determination of some of his students “I am so, so so impressed with the 100% effort and participation of all the students on all of the activities during the week. Well done to all the first years!”


As seen from the student and teacher feedback, the overall experience was incredibly successful in engaging the students, testing their commitment and determination as well as improving the friendships and bonds within the class. Opportunities like this are rife within our Public Services department. If you would like to find out a bit more about the course, download our course information PDF here!

If you’re already sold and can’t wait to start, apply here now, to secure your place on this fantastic course for September 2020.