Always pursue what you enjoy

Former student, Emily Biddle, talks about how The Henley College gave her the maturity and confidence to pursue her ambitions for the future.

"I came to the College from Chiltern Edge School. I chose Henley as it was the only college close to home and it was able to provide different subjects to a sixth form, such as Classics and Law that I wanted to study.

In my first year, I studied AS Law, Psychology, Classics, English Literature and Language and Extended Project. In my second year I studied A Level Law, Psychology and English Literature and Language.

My first impression of the College was that it was a big place compared to my secondary school and that made me feel apprehensive and nervous. Those feelings quickly faded as each staff member was very welcoming and I quickly made new friends.

My best memory of my time at Henley was taking part and winning a moot within Law. It was an interactive and different way to be a taught a subject and the whole class enjoyed it. As well as qualifications, the College helped me to gain a maturity and independence that school could never give. You were treated like an adult with regards to how you interacted with teachers and your work.

When I was younger I always wanted to be in the police force or army. But when choosing my subjects to study, I chose them solely based on what I enjoyed at the time, rather than relating them specifically to a career, as at the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I love working and helping people and my fascination with the human body influenced my decision to become a paramedic. Safe to say, I do not regret my decision in the slightest!

In July, I will finish my degree in Paramedic Science at the University of Surrey and upon completion will be a qualified paramedic. Currently I am assisting with the Coronavirus pandemic by helping out in A&E. I am in a privileged position as the paramedic profession is sought after and has many avenues that can be explored. Currently I am interested in clinical education or joining the army as a medic.

If I had one piece of advice for a 15-16 year old thinking about their future, it would be to always pursue what you enjoy!

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