The Extended Project

What will I study?

The Extended Project is a distinctive and highly regarded qualification, designed to develop a range of transferable skills such as planning,
research, analysis and evaluation.

This course consists of a taught element, which includes an introduction to research methods and evaluation skills, together with the actual completion of the Project.

You will select a topic for your project with the help and guidance of your Extended Project supervisor. Your chosen topic may well reflect an area of personal interest, a subject you would like to research and learn more about, or the course you plan to apply for at university.

You will work independently to produce a single piece of work, which will be internally assessed and externally moderated based on how well the project is planned, managed, completed and reviewed. Projects can be dissertations, artefacts, investigations or performances.

Last year completed works included dissertations on a variety of philosophical, ethical and moral subjects, artefacts, artworks, costume and dress design, computer games, books, fashion, photography, films and animations, musical compositions and a range of other performances.

What next?

For those wishing to continue on to higher education, the Extended Project will provide a strong platform to support future learning. It also offers the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other students and to demonstrate motivation for the degree course you have chosen to apply for.

Leading universities are highly appreciative of the Extended Project and encourage students to take it.

"I believe that my prediction of an A grade was instrumental in gaining me the offer of a place to study a degree in business management at Sheffield University next year."

Ben Croxford, Altwood CE School

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Key Information

Project (100%)

1 year

A minimum total of 58 points based on your GCSE grades.


Dependent on your chosen topic.


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