Contacting the College

Parents who wish to contact tutors are recommended to contact the extension of the appropriate Faculty Administrator. These are direct lines, so that you do not have to go through the switchboard.

Faculty Administrators

Art Clare Fox 01491 634058
Humanities Gini Forrester 01491 634059 
Science Karen Roseff 01491 634302

We are committed to keeping parents and guardians informed of their son, daughter or ward's progress throughout their time at College. Through our online portal parents/guardians can regularly and reliably track progress, and will receive a message in the instance of any absence. All tutors are also easily contactable by telephone and email or, if parents prefer, they can arrange a convenient time to meet with them. Progress reports will be issued during the year and parents will be invited to review and discuss targets and grade expectations.

How we involve Parents and Guardians

Reviewing Students' Progress & Parent/Staff Consultation

One of the main tasks of Personal Tutors and subject teachers is to ensure that all students, regardless of their course, are on track to achieve their full potential.

We monitor students' progress throughout the year and reports will be available to you via the College Portal.

The College Portal provides access to information such as:

You can also review the contact details we have on record for you should anything have changed. For further information, or in case you have not received your College Portal user log in and password, please contact


In November there is a parent and staff consultation, by invitation only, for students where there are concerns about progress or for those who would most benefit from their teachers meeting with parents/guardians.

In the second term there is an opportunity for parents/guardians to make appointments to meet with their son/daughter's teachers, if they wish to do so. 

Additional Costs

Books and Equipment

Some books and equipment are provided. You may be asked to buy other books and/or equipment. A full list of charges to students for books and equipment for courses is available on request and indicated on the subject/course entry.

Educational Visits

From time to time students may be asked to participate in educational visits. Students will be notified in advance of such expenditure. There is a small fund to support educational visits. Find our more on the Finance page.

Parent Pay

Parent Pay is the online payment system used by the college which enables parents/guardians to pay for all trips/books/materials/lunch money etc. Login details will be sent to parents/guardians once a student has enrolled at the college.


While it is difficult to give precise guidelines for all subjects and courses, students are expected to give in addition at least two thirds of the time they spend in the classroom to their own work. This could include set homework, follow-up work to lessons, background reading and practical work. Some of this work may be done during the College day in the Library, Student Learning Centres and other places.

While part-time paid work may be beneficial whilst students are at College, research and experience have shown that to achieve the best grades possible it is important that students give priority to their College work above all other commitments. This means that the amount of time given to part-time employment should be limited and any work should not interfere with College commitments.