Your Wellbeing

In these strange times as we all try to manage living under lockdown we appreciate that it’s tough. We all need ways to get through the days and nights until we are all together again.

We have come up with the following 5 things:

1 Keeping in touch

As the days and weeks go on you may feel like withdrawing from other people. We all need each other, sending a message asking someone how their day is going can make a massive difference.


2 Routines

Routines help us feel calm and in control. Having set things that we do every day or week that makes us feel better helps. For me that’s listening to Throwback Thursday on BBC 1 Extra with my kids, doing home workouts 3 times a week and running 3 times a week.

3 Exercise

Whether you do a little bit or a lot it releases feel good hormones and we need those. There are so many free online videos, you could even do a lap of the field or park or set a daily exercise challenge with mates.

4 Good Food

It’s easy to eat big share bags of Haribo to yourself every day but avoiding too much beige food and sugar and eating a variety of food, fruit and veg makes you feel better. It’s also a good time to try out new recipes, get cooking and baking. Share the photos and recipes with us.

5 Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to health and wellbeing. Try and have a set time to sleep and wake up and a good wind down routine. Every night think of one person, thing or moment you’re grateful for. It’s important that you keep the positive vibes!

Wellbeing tips & resources

We have also compiled a list of tips and resources that may help with your day to day wellbeing. Please do share if there is anything you have found that has helped you during this time and we will be sure to add it to our list.