16-19 Discretionary Bursary Fund 2020-21

For students eligible for financial assistance towards public transport, please refer to the below payment dates:

For applications received before Friday 11 September, first instalment payments are due during the week commencing 21 September. For applications received after this date, first instalments will be paid at the earliest convenience. 

Second payment due: w/c 11 January

Third payment due: w/c 26 April


How much money will I receive in my first payment?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications and payments tailored to the individual student's travel arrangements it is not possible at this time to email exact figures to students. Students will receive x3 payments spread throughout the academic year of the same amount. Please note that this may vary for those who are travelling by rail.


I submitted my application/evidence and received confirmation on my eligibility before the deadline but have not yet received a payment, when will I receive this?

Please make sure to check your student email account. If there has been an issue with banking information or if you need to clarify any information, an email will sent to your student email. 


Can I receive any financial assistance towards books, equipment or trips?

Eligible students will receive an email at the end of September/beginning of October from a member of the student services team with further information on how the 16-19 Discretionary Bursary Fund can assist course related costs.


How do I purchase season tickets on the train or monthly/annual tickets on the public buses?

It is up to the student how they wish to purchase their travel passes. Please visit the Transport section on the College's website for further details on student saver tickets. 

It is recommended to purchase at least monthly tickets on the public buses, you will need to produce your student ID card to the driver when boarding the bus. For trains, try to purchase x3 three monthly season passes as you will be in college for roughly 9 months out of the year. Remember to use your 16-17 Saver Railcard if you are eligible as you will be entitled to 50% off. 


How will the Travel Bursary work with applying for the college-run coaches?

Please apply for the travel bursary first and highlight on the online application that you wish to use one of the college-run coaches. A member of staff will then check the application and accompanying evidence. Further information on how much the coach will cost and how to apply will then follow. 


How will I receive information or updates regarding the bursary?

It is important that students check their college email accounts as important information will be communicated this way. 


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