Bursary FAQs 2019-20

Please note: for bursary applications that were handed in before the deadline date (Friday 20 September 2019) payments have now been processed. For applications received after the deadline date, payments will be made at the earliest convenience. 

Q. When will I know if my application for financial assistance has been approved?

Students will be notified via their college email account. College email accounts must be checked regularly as information regarding financial assistance will be communicated in this way. Comments regarding eligibility will also be available to read on the student/parent portal.

Q. How is the bursary paid?

Bursary payments are paid directly into your bank account (please check you have written the correct banking information in Section 4 of the bursary application form. Unfortunately, the College is unable to make payments to a building society account with a roll number, unless it has a unique eight digit account number. The College is also unable to make payments into Post Office accounts.

Q. When will my bursary payments be made?

If students have adhered to the College’s code of conduct and student attendance has been maintained at or above 92%, students can expect x6 instalments to be paid throughout the academic year. Payments will be made during the term of the below months. Please note, students must have returned and completed a full week back at college after each term/half term. Once payments have been authorised, they can take 2-3 working days to reach the designated account:

End of September/beginning of October 2019 (for students that handed in applications before 20 September). Applications received after the deadline date will not be processed within our standard timescales and therefore will be made when at all possible.

End of November 2019

Middle of January 2020

Beginning of March 2020

End of April 2020        

Beginning of June 2020

Q. My bursary payment has not gone into my bank account as expected. What should I do?

Check your college email account, if there has been an issue with a payment or your student attendance is below the minimum requirement, an email will be sent to you with further information.

Q. How do I know if I am eligible for a bursary?

The summary guide on the last page of the Bursary Fund Application 2019-20, has further information detailing the information needed for eligibility and available bursaries students can apply for.

Q. How do I apply for financial assistance?

To apply for the 2019-20 academic year please download the Bursary Fund Application from the Bursary Fund page. Alternatively, a hard copy can be collected from Student Services (D507).

Q. When is the bursary deadline?

The deadline for financial assistance is Friday 20 September. Applications received after this date may not be processed within our standard timescales. Funds are also limited can cannot be guaranteed.

Q. Where do I post my application to?

Applications can be sent to: Student Services, The Henley College, Deanfield Avenue, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 1UH.

Q. Can I email my application to the College?

Unfortunately, the College is unable to accept applications via email. The only evidence that can be emailed in must be for the Vulnerable Bursary, this is for students that are in care or are a care leaver. This document must be an official letter or email which clearly identifies your local authority.

Q. I do not have access to a photocopier, where can I photocopy the evidence needed to support my bursary fund application?

The College is unable to photocopy documents for you. Public libraries can offer photocopying facilities. The closest public library to The Henley College is located in the Waitrose car park, off Ravenscroft Road. Visit Henley Library for further information.

Q. I would like to apply for financial assistance towards the cost of the college run coach, how do I apply?

Completed bursary fund applications should be posted to the College before applying for the college run coaches. Once your bursary application has been processed a member of staff will be in contact via the email address provided in Section 1, with further details on how to apply and the cost of the student contribution towards the coach.

Q. Where can I monitor my attendance?

Students and parents/guardians can view attendance and punctuality by logging into the College Portal. Information on how to access the College Portal will be available once students have started their course.

Q. I am applying for a travel bursary for public transport, what does the cheapest form of travel and/or evidence of non-eligibility for subsidised travel mean?

Check the Transport section on the College’s website for the public transport options available to The Henley College. Students will be awarded a percentage of financial assistance towards the cost of the cheapest form of travel to college for the academic year. Students must apply to their local authority for subsidised rail travel. If unsuccessful the letter/email stating non-eligibility must be shown to Student Services. Failure to hand in this evidence will result in the student being awarded the reduced fare that the local authority is offering. For students aged 16-17, students must apply for the 16-17 Railcard, applications can be made on the Railcard website. See Train Information on the College’s website for further information.

Q. Is there any financial assistance towards books and/or equipment?

The bursary fund’s budget will be reviewed at the end of the spring term. If there are sufficient funds available, financial assistance may be available. Updates will be posted in the student newsletter regarding the available funds, should they be available.

The bursary fund is unable to provide assistance with the £50 deposit that needs to be made during the enrolment process. 

Q. Is there any financial assistance towards college trips?

Once students have started their course and are notified about upcoming trips, students need to visit Student Services with further information.

Q. I have been accepted for Free College Meals, how do I claim them?

£2.41 will be allocated to the students’ cashless account (student ID card) each college day. Students can use their FCM allocation at both Deanfield and Rotherfield canteen.

Q. I will be going on a college day trip or attending a work experience placement, will I still be able to claim my Free College Meals?

Students must come to Student Services at least one week in advance of the planned trip/placement so an alternative can be arranged for you.