Woodcote Rally Donates £300 to Public Services Department

At Woodcote Rally's recent giveaway evening, The Henley College's Public Services Department were the lucky recipients of a £300 donation from The Rally.

Woodcote Rally recently held an event in which they award prizes and trophies to the best vehicles in specific classes and categories. Following this, there is then donations given out to local organisations and charities to fund key initiatives they may have. This has become a tradition for The Rally since the Woodcote Veteran Transport Rally was staged as a one-day event in 1964, donating the sum of £150 from the proceeds to the Village Hall Management Committee. Since then The Rally have donated £507,000 to organisations and charities in the area. An incredibly generous scheme that is run, which no doubt has helped many companies and charities achieve key goals across the years.

Subsequently, our Public Service course recently received a cheque for £300 from Woodcote Rally, which they are going to use for a set of ex-Army radios and a table-top simulator. The intention behind the radios is to teach the students how to communicate without using their phones and how communication works, particularly in the emergency services. This will provide brilliant first hand experience of how they would be required to communicate with colleagues in a working environment. This helps us to achieve an ongoing goal of ensuring our students leave the college with key employability skills that will not only set them apart from other candidates, but also ensure they are ready to hot the ground running in the work environment.

The table-top simulator is similar to an RAF bird-table and will be used to teach the students how to plan large events (last year they simulated planning the Glastonbury Festival) and how to deal with large-scale emergencies. As large event organisers themselves, the value of a table-top simulator was immediately understood by the Rally. This again provides huge benefits to students through giving real working examples they may come across one day, along with the equipment needed to strategies and resolve issues. We hope that by having the access to this equipment, our students will begin to understand key steps and processes that are needed when working in Public Service's, ensuring they are ready to excel in this industry.

We’re incredibly grateful for the donation from The Rally and cannot wait to see the impact the new equipment will have for our students. No doubt it will provide for a practical and engaging learning environment in which The Henley College students will thrive in, producing superb results.


This is just one example of the continued growth of facilities and equipment across departments at The Henley College. If you’re interested in studying Public Services, now is a great time to apply with the recent investment we have received, as this will directly benefit your learning experience.


Apply today here - http://www.henleycol.ac.uk/apply/apply-online/

Public Services course leader Sandra Wickens, receiving the cheque from Pete Solomons, chairman of the Woodcote Rally Charitable Association