Why Henley? A Students Perspective

Our students are the source of much inspiration and brilliance. For this reason we got in contact with them to find out more about their personal journey with us. Read Molly's story below.

Level 3 Travel & Tourism student Molly Hancock came to us from Chiltern Edge School. Having successfully progressed from the Level 2 Business and Tourism course, she recently caught up with us to speak about her time at Henley and some of the reasons she chose The Henley College.


“I chose to come to The Henley College as many of my family had attended the College. My mum and my sisters came here and the College is local to us which makes it extremely convenient for myself.

There are quite few things that I like about being a student at Henley. The freedom we students are given is definitely one of them and makes it feel a lot more like college rather than still being at school. The people and the teachers are also something that I like about Henley. There is always a positive atmosphere across both campuses and this makes it feel like its own community. Also, the College is right in Henley town centre. This allows us as students to utilise the benefits of being located so close to town when we have free time.

The reason I chose both the Level 2 and Level 3 courses that I have is because the subjects interest me and I can do them as vocational courses which is all coursework based. This suits my learning style more than an exam based course would.

The college is great at providing support for me both personally and academically. The student services team have been brilliant towards me when I've needed their support. Having a team dedicated to helping students with all different problems that we may have is amazing and a service that is really beneficial for us. My teachers have helped me achieve the best I can and more within my course, they have been great.

During my time at college I have been able to accomplish some great achievements. The proudest one for me was definitely passing my retake of Maths GCSE in November after I took my GCSE exams. I also achieved the highest I could in each of my other courses. The support through this process from the college was really beneficial in helping me achieve this.

One thing the college does particularly well is provide support in areas outside of academic studies. I have changed my mind many times over the 3 years regarding what I wanted to do after college and the careers advisor has supported me each and every time. This is has been helpful for me and allows me to leave college with the assurance that I have considered different options available to me with help from dedicated careers advisers.

I have also had the opportunity to join a club during my time at college. In my first year of level 3 I joined the LGBT club. Henley is very diverse and promotes EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) regularly, allowing each student to be their individual self.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend different trips during my time at college. I went to Thorpe Park in my Level 2 course as part of one of my Business assignments, which was really fun and an interesting, different way to learn more about business tourism. Then in my first year of Level 3, I visited Brunel University which helped me find more information about the universities I wished to go to. This has ultimately helped me in making the decision I have for when I leave college.

After my time at college is up, I hope to go on to study International Tourism Management and Marketing Management at the University of Chester. I feel the experiences I have gained from college will set me up perfectly to move onto the next step at university.”