What are Applied A levels

If your strengths lie more in course work than in exams, consider studying Applied A levels this Autumn.

Applied A levels (also referred to as Extended Certificates) are the equivalent to an A level but they are assessed on 50% or more course work, depending on the subject. This is perfect for students who find exams more challenging and are stronger in their course work. 

Students can either take 3 Applied A levels or combine them with standard A levels. They are recognised by universities but if you know what course and university you want to study at later you will need to check to see if they require at least one standard A level qualification.

Find out more here >> What is an Applied A level?

The subjects we offer Applied A levels in are:

Applied IT

Applied Law

Digital Game Production

Applied Criminology

Applied Human Biology

Applied Psychology


It’s not too late to apply for courses starting this Autumn. Find out more here - https://www.henleycol.ac.uk/apply/

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