Twenty-eight Creative Media Production students visit Sky Academy Studios

Our Year 1 CMP students recently went to Sky Studios and had the opportunity to create a news production within small teams.

Twenty-eight Creative Media Production students visited Sky Academy Studios to produce a news production with their in-house team. They were split into four groups and assigned roles including presenter, camera operator, editor and producer.

Curriculum Leader Sarah Wilson said: “Visiting Sky Studios is an amazing opportunity for students to see the industry in action. Spending the day working with their experienced team helped our students to see what is required to put a news report together.”

Students produced a news report on celebrity culture, looking at how it has developed and the impact of social media on society today. They also got to see the professionals in action with a tour of Sky Sports News offering a window into the demands of the 24 hour news industry.

Student Malgorzata Feter said: “I really enjoyed the experience of going to Sky. I learned a lot about teamwork and how when you work together you can achieve more in a shorter space of time. It opened my eyes to the possibility of using equipment such as the green screen, like the one we have available in college, in a more creative way.”

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