The Henley College Partners School Day

Recently we had students from Cressex Community School, Icknield Community College, Langtree School and Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge come for a day at the college and have some lessons in some of the subjects they may be interested in studying.

Our partner school’s day is a day that we value highly at The Henley College. Not only is it an efficient way to get hundreds of potential students through the door, it also provides an experience for the students that they would not get the opportunity of receiving at many other institutes. We aim to guarantee that students from our partner schools will be given three subjects they have chosen and will attend lessons in these subjects throughout the day. This provides the opportunity of viewing what attending the college would be like, and in addition, allows students to meet tutors, ask them questions and just learn more general details of the courses they have expressed an interest in.

The experience is designed to provide the opportunity for potential students to spend a day as a Henley College student. We hope that this confirms interest from students, opens their eyes to opportunities they may have been unaware of, and ultimately inspire this generation through providing state of the art facilities and superb teaching. Giving our partner school’s children this taster session is the ideal way to motivate them and ensure they understand what being a part of The Henley College is all about.


This year, we had a really good turnout and were able to make contact with many brilliant, talented students, who of which we would gladly welcome to the college come September time. There was a great willingness to get involved from all that attended and that really was shown in some of the work that was produced in just 50 minutes. It is incredibly encouraging to see the hard work that has already been instilled into students and the pride they clearly take in work they are producing.


The Henley College really value the opportunity to form relationships with staff and the students alike from our partner schools. We run this day to ensure that contact and interaction with all four schools and we hope the running of this day continues to aid this.