Thames Water Collaborates with Business Students from The Henley College

Thames Water partnered with business students for a problem-solving event held at the Town Hall in Henley-on-Thames.

Thames Water, one of the UK's leading water utility companies, partnered with business students from The Henley College for a problem-solving event held at the Town Hall in Henley-on-Thames. The event aimed to foster the development of problem-solving skills among students and provide them with insights into the world of work.

Liz Banks, Education Manager at Thames Water, described the event as a knowledge-sharing session focused on skills and careers and showcases the commitment of Thames Water to engage with local educational institutions and foster a skilled workforce for the future.

Swapna Jare, Curriculum Leader at The Henley College, expressed her appreciation for Liz Banks' involvement, explaining, "Liz had initially visited The Henley College during an open evening to discuss employability, and her enthusiasm for the students' potential led to a collaboration with the college's business department. The partnership between Thames Water and The Henley College demonstrates the mutual interest of both parties in equipping students with the necessary employability skills for a successful transition into the workforce."

Leigh Maxfield, Employment and Skills Partner at Thames Water, commended the event's impact on students, stating, "It's great to see students recognizing their business skills. It's also beneficial for our business volunteers to witness the skills the local talent can offer." The collaboration with Thames Water not only provided students with valuable problem-solving experiences but also helped them realise their own potential and the skills they possess.

The event also featured contributions from Thames Water employees, including John Ellams, Senior Project Manager, who shared his insights through the community speaker programme. He expressed his commitment to volunteering and giving back, stating, "Today, we encourage our volunteer days to give something back, and this is an opportunity to share a bit of my experience."

Sukhbir Lota, a Data Analyst at Thames Water, was impressed by the students' active participation and engagement. He stated, "I am very impressed. Everyone has been participating, highly engaged, and listening and contributing. It's good to share that Thames Water offers opportunities such as apprenticeships and careers. Plus, it's really useful for us to learn more about young people and vice versa - for them to learn about the business world." The event provided a platform for meaningful exchange, benefiting both the students and Thames Water employees.

The students themselves were thrilled with the insights gained from the event. Jake Gosby, a Business student, commented, "It's been very insightful. I didn't realise that Thames Water had so many opportunities, including degree apprenticeships." Business student, Jack, added, “I’ve learnt a lot about transferable skills.”

The partnership between Thames Water and The Henley College highlights the importance of bridging the gap between education providers and industry. By actively involving businesses in educational initiatives, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required for their desired careers. Such collaborations not only benefit the students but also allow companies like Thames Water to tap into local talent and witness first-hand the capabilities of potential future employees.

As the event concluded, the positive impact of the collaboration between Thames Water and The Henley College was evident. The students left with improved problem-solving skills, a greater awareness of the business world, and increased confidence in their employability. This event serves as a prime example of how educational institutions and businesses can come together to nurture and develop the skills of the next generation, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and knowledgeable workforce.

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