Tell us what is getting you through…

College Personal Tutor Jay Smith, along with his colleagues at Kidscape and Music Football Fatherhood, have written this blog post to give some tips on how to get through this difficult time.

Personal tutor at The Henley College, Jay Smith, has written a blog post to help students work through the difficulties that come with working and studying from home.

We spoke to Jay to get a further insight into his experience with working with and helping children and students. 

"I have over 19 years’ experience of working with children, young people and families. I have worked with all ages, delivering one to one support, group and class work, including support for disaffected young people, young offenders, young people in care, young carers and young asylum seekers and refugees. Prior to coming to Henley I worked in an early intervention team where I offered early help to children at risk of harm/ on the child protection register or child in need plan. There’s not much I haven’t experienced over the years – there have been some very sad times but equally moments of real joy when I’ve seen young people go to flourish into happy, fulfilled adults.

These trials and tribulations have not sent me grey yet, though there are some young people I would credit for a few silvers popping through (not least my own children who keep me on my toes).

As well as the day job, I’m a Parent Governor at Southlake Primary School, a Trustee at SAFE! Thames Valley (They Support Young People Affected by Crime) and a Contributor at Music Football Fatherhood, where on one occasion CBeebies interviewed my daughter and I for Black History Month, and I’ve participated in workshops to support Dads with issues like bullying and mental health and written blogs about how life changes after having children."

In these strange times as we all try to manage living under lockdown we appreciate that it’s tough.  We all need ways to get through the days and nights until we are together again.

Here are 5 things that are working for us…

1 Keeping in touch

As the days and weeks go on we may feel like withdrawing from other people.  We all need each other, sending a message asking someone how their day is going, or calling for a chat can make a massive difference.

2 Routines

Routines help us feel calm and in control.  That could include doing a workout, going for a run, listening to a radio show, calling a friend or family member, taking part in a quiz, having a film night. Anything we do every day or week that makes us feel good.

3 Exercise

Whether you do a little bit or a lot it releases feel good hormones and we need those. There are so many free online videos, you could even do a lap of the field or park or set a daily exercise challenge with mates. 

4 Good Food

It’s easy to eat big share bags of Haribo to yourself every day but avoiding too much beige food and sugar and eating a variety of food, fruit and veg makes you feel better. It’s also a good time to try out new recipes. Share the photos with us! 

5 Sleep

Sleep is fundamental to health and wellbeing.  Try and have a set time that you go to sleep and wake up and a good wind down routine.  Every night think of one person, thing or moment you’re grateful for.   It’s important that you keep the positive vibes!

We would love to hear from you…

  1. What is helping you get through the days and nights?
  2. What makes you feel calm?
  3. How are you keeping in contact with your family and friends?
  4. How are you managing learning and/or working from home?

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Written by Jay Smith (The Henley College & Music Football Fatherhood) and Lauren Seager-Smith (CEO Kidscape)