Talent in sharp focus

Photography has always been a popular subject at The Henley College. Our outstanding teaching coupled with comprehensive facilities enable students to explore their creativity, develop and enhance their skills and grow into highly accomplished photographers.

At The Henley College we have one of the best and largest darkrooms in the area. This fantastic resource gives our students a good grounding in photographic skills. Traditional photographic processes offer students a chance to experience a side of Photography beyond their usual methods. This broadens their skills base and gives them a good foundation on to which to build their expertise both with film and digital processes. Traditional processes are still used within the photographic industry and our students who have moved on to degrees and careers in Photography have really benefited from their darkroom experience. #filmsnotdead

The use of the darkroom, the variety, creativity and foundation it gives is one of the reasons why we get amazing results in A Level Photography. This year, our Photography students achieved incredible results with 20 students being awarded A* grade and over 85% of students achieving A*-B grades.

Image by Mae Lewis

Last year at the world famous Henley Royal Regatta, our photography students were given special access to document the event on camera. Click here to view their incredible work >

Filiz Moore has completed her A Level in Photography achieving an A* grade and has gone straight from studying at Henley into a job shooting and editing photographs for the well-known shoe company, Shoe Trader.

Filiz says of her time at Henley: “Photography at The Henley College was without a doubt the favourite of my chosen subjects. The course allowed me to try my hand at shooting and developing my own film, which soon became my favourite part of photography. There is such a sense of achievement attached to successfully shooting and printing my images and being able to visibly see improvements in my skills.”

“The teachers also played a major role in my enjoyment of the course as they not only inspired me to do my best and push myself out of my comfort zone, but they also made lessons enjoyable. They were always around to support and guide me in not only my current studies but also with where I wanted to go next and how I could get there. For me, that meant becoming a full-time photographer rather than going to university. I had my teacher’s full support to get into the industry and had I not had that encouragement, support, and technical understanding or ability, I may not have ended up landing my dream job photographing my favourite thing in the world... shoes!"

You can follow Filiz on social media at @filizmoore or look at her website: filizjane.wixsite.com/portfolio