Subject Spotlight - Classical Civilisation

Study the Ancient Greeks and Romans on our Classical Civilisation A Level course, supported by none other than Stephen Fry and Mary Beard.

If you love literature and history then you’ll find our Classical Civilisation A Level to be a fascinating journey through the literature and culture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Learn about the rich history of these two civilisations, their societies and values, and find out how they have influenced the modern world and the way we think and live today.

Dive into epic adventures of Gods and monsters, Tragedy and Comedy with classical texts such as Homer’s The Odyssey, Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, or Aristophanes Frogs, and for the romantics, love is also explored in studies of Plato, Sappho and Ovid.

Art and archaeology is also explored with analysis of sculpture, vase painting and Greek sanctuaries, as well as political and cultural context.

Don’t just take our word for it when we say that this is a great course to study, listen to the wise words of renowned Classics Professor Mary Beard and comedian, writer and presenter Stephen Fry, who both showed their support for our Classics and Ancient History departments last year.

“The culture and art of the ancient world are so much part of our daily modern life that they are often taken for granted. They have inspired great works of art and literature, and fascinated generations of students. I am delighted if my support for the college can help raise the profile of Henley’s course provision, and enable any young person, irrespective of means, to discover and be beguiled by the wonderful world of Classics and Ancient History.” – Professor Mary Beard

“I have noticed through life that those equipped with an understanding and appreciation of classics find it easier than most to adapt and learn in the workplace and in life”. – Stephen Fry

We are also delighted to have classicist, writer and broadcaster Natalie Haynes as the Classics and Ancient History Department Patron. A regular on TV and Radio 4, Natalie has her own comedy show Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics and has also written a novel called A Thousand Ships.

The Henley College is one of the few sixth form colleges to offer Classical Civilisations A Level, and students have gone on to further study at, amongst others, Cambridge, Oxford and Kings College London.

Find out more about this course and how to apply here.

Student Profile

Connie Hubbarb finished her Classical Civilisations A level in July of this year and was nominated for one of our annual Education Awards for going that extra mile while studying this course. Here’s what her teacher John Bennett had to say about her:

From the outset Connie fully submerged herself into the world of Classics.  It was clear from the very beginning that she was a student that was entirely dedicated to learning and as the course progressed this devotion to learning became abundantly clear with her increasingly superb essays containing interesting and sometimes quite controversial (in a good way) ideas. 

Connie was interested in every aspect of the course, taking ideas she was intrigued by home to her family for further discussion, always a good sign of a deeply submerged student.  Once the Classics bug has bitten, I know for a fact that it bites deep, and Connie has been thoroughly wounded!  Her cheery disposition in the classroom lit up the room and as a teacher it is fantastic to see a student enjoying a course so much. Well done Connie, a thoroughly deserved award!”

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