Students visit BODY WORLDS exhibition

There are always interesting and intriguing opportunities available to our students to broaden and enrich their study programmes. Find out more about the experiences of our Sports students, when they visited Body Worlds in London.

Some of our current sport students recently had the opportunity to attend a Body Worlds exhibition in London. Body Worlds aims to educate members of the public about the inner workings of the human body. 87% of visitors say they feel they know more about the human body after visiting, making this a highly valuable opportunity for our sports students, as they are able to develop their knowledge in an engaging, visual environment.

The creators of Body Worlds believe that when people understand more about how their body works and how it can break down, they are more likely to choose healthy and sustainable lifestyles. They also hope it will inspire visitors to learn more about what the human body looks like and how it functions, is basic life science information that should be available to everyone. Not only does this promote an active, health lifestyle to our students, but also it provides greater depth of knowledge regarding the human body which directly links with the course content allowing the understanding of what they are taught in the classroom to develop further.

There was positive feedback from the students in attendance with one stating that “it was an extraordinary experience that I learnt a lot from. It definitely expanded my knowledge a lot.”

Another student was also full of praise stating that “it was a one of a kind experience and I found it really interesting.”

Teacher Rebecca Honour said “BODY WORLDS London enabled the A Level Physical Education students to see the inner workings of the human body through engaging and thought provoking exhibits and experiences.”

Our academic staff endeavour to develop engaging courses with regular guest speakers and external visits to help students to develop their subject knowledge through varied methods. If you are interested in studying in a learning environment that understands the importance of differentiation during your studies, please register to our next open event where you will be able to find out more information about all of our courses.