Students search for fossils

Geology students investigate disused quarries at Oxford's Natural History Museum.

A Level Geology students spent a day at the Oxford Natural History Museum this month. Students enjoyed talks from Chris Jarvis on William Smith’s Map that Changed the World and Professor Mike Searle, from Oxford University, on Global Tectonics: The Geology of the Himalaya. There was a swift opportunity to visit the stunning specimens and hand drawn William Smith original maps before engaging in practical fieldwork. With hi vis jackets and hammers in hand the students enjoyed the opportunity to find fossils and investigate the two non disused quarries. Magdalen and Rock Edge Quarries lie just a few hundred meters apart in the Headington district of Oxford. The two quarries show different sections of the Upper Jurassic Corallian Limestone. By taking a series of measurements and detailed observations at the two sites the students were encouraged to develop some ideas on how the two quarries are linked.

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