Student Volunteers as Climate Change Journalist

Fast track student, Amrit Kaur, recently became a volunteer journalist with wEarthwhile. She shares her passion for the environment and why she has got involved with this project.

Current student and one of our new Brand Ambassadors, Amrit Kaur has recently taken up a volunteer journalism role for the wEarthwhile’ who are giving a voice to people to express their climate change concerns, to ultimately use stories to impact people’s views and opinions on climate change. A truly great cause.

Regarding her new role, Amrit spoke in depth saying “The way human behaviour is greatly impacting the ecosystem, reducing biodiversity, and slowly destroying the planet has made me realize to become a voice of change and inspiration to others. Urbanization is corrupting the beauty of our earth and creating a planet of mechanical melancholy, rather than a natural state of liberty. There’s an estimated statistic that in 100 years, there will be no rainforests in the world; the home of many animals sharing a community and shelter will be wiped out if we don’t change.

I decided to join the wEarthWhile community due to my passion for the environment and how it is affecting society and the planet itself. I feel it’s important to use my voice to speak about it. I want to be a part of a greater picture and be able to find stories to help share and inspire a wider community through social media. Humans are harming the planet at such a drastic pace and I believe it’s time. It’s time to break the habit we subconsciously are a part of every single day by reducing plastic waste, reusing natural resources, and reducing our evil contributions to meat consumption. It’s only humans, it’s only us who can change the way our actions impact the environment.

I have been a part of the sustainability team for Henley College to help derive solutions to reduce plastic waste within the college and talk about creating distinctive bins that are clearly labelled for recycling and general waste. I continually write about the environment and use my social media to promote discussions about environment. Taking photography into account, I have created photos that represents environmental damage. The way art can be both powerful and metaphorical can have a great impact on the way we perceive an issue or subject; its moving affects and visual aesthetics can represent and create change in ourselves and in the way we think. It’s an interpretation of what we feel; there’s nothing greater than a feeling we get from an altered perception of what we disregard. There is nothing greater than change.”