Student Holly Will Start Amazon Degree Apprenticeship in September

Holly Gardner has been offered a Degree Apprenticeship from Amazon doing Project Management starting in September.

Holly Gardner, from Reading, has been offered a Degree Apprenticeship from Amazon doing Project Management starting in September. 

"I am currently studying History, Business Studies and Media and about to sit my first set of a levels. I joined Henley in 2021 and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have met some amazing people and great teachers.

My first impression of The Henley College was that it was a lot more independent than school and felt had a good amount of freedom but guidance too to become successful. 

I chose The Henley College because I wanted a change of environment from my secondary school that I grew up in, as much as I loved it, I’d heard great things about Henley and knew it would be full of great opportunities for me to grow and develop; it certainly lived up to my expectations.

My best memory at The Henley college has to be my time with my classmates. I’ve made friendships that will last throughout my life.

I have always had such a strong passion for business from GCSE to now and knew it was the path I wanted to go down. I grew up with my dad running his own business and from an early age I have always been so intrigued into all the different elements and had such a strong desire to learn more about the world of work and the foundations that make it.

I was influenced by my love for both History and Business at GCSE that I knew I’d love to pursue those further into A-Levels. Media has always been a subject that has sparked my interest so felt confident about picking it as my third A level. I was inspired by my work experience at Pladis as it really highlighted how strong my desire to join a team and get that first-hand experience whilst undergoing a degree.

My ambition for the future is to definitely continue a good career through Amazon as it’s a company I have always dreamed about working for, alongside this, I’d love to one day own my own business as it’s always been a goal I wanted to achieve. 

The Henley College has provided me with the ability to be independent and also to maintain a strong work ethic. A-levels have been a challenge but my motivation has definitely allowed me to power through and keep going. Alongside this, Henley has given me confidence to join my degree apprenticeship and know I can do well.

If I had one piece of advice for my 16-year-old self I’d let her know that through determination you can reach your goals, I have had to overcome so many rejections and setbacks before finally securing my dream degree apprenticeship but none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t have kept a positive and driven attitude throughout. I’d also say to appreciate each and every day at college as it goes so quickly and I will truly miss it."

If you have high-flying ambitions like Holly, click here to apply to The Henley College.

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