Steve Backshall Backs Environmental Science

Steve Backshall supports the course and says "If I had my time again, I'd study Environmental Science".

The Henley College is extremely proud of the number and variety of courses which it offers, everything from Forensic Science, to Dance and Classics. Its Environmental Science course, the only one in Oxfordshire, is rated as ‘outstanding’. Student numbers have grown year on year and Henley’s is now one of the highest performing courses in the UK, attracting students from a wide area.

When Steve Backshall, who lives locally, was approached, he immediately supported the college’s commitment to teaching Environmental Science. Steve said: ”When I was taking A levels, Environmental Sciences were for naive bunny huggers who didn’t understand the realities of the real world; which I guess is one of the reasons we’re in such a mess right now. My generation has chased infinite economic growth, and obsessed over GDP, while also moaning about how we’re running out of space and resources. Now THAT’s naive. All that is changing. Ecologists, biologists, conservationists and naturalists are now vital in the corridors of power. Behind every businessperson and politician, is an environmental scientist showing them the way, or fighting them tooth and nail. Many of the people I respect the most are environmental scientists; not afraid to recognise and take on the problems of our planet. Quit being part of the problem, be a part of the solution. If I had my time again, I'd study Environmental Science”.

Bianka Tarbay, who took A levels in Environmental Science, Geology and Biology at The Henley College and who is currently reading Environmental Science at university, said: “Studying Environmental science for my A-levels was one of the best choices I've made because it is such a broad and interesting subject, with one of the best teachers. There was so much support for us to succeed”.

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