Sights set on becoming a Distinction Star!

Priyanni wanted a learning experience that was different to school, that offered an opportunity to show how much she could achieve through hard work and independent study. She chose to study a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services at Henley.

“I came to The Henley College from Wycombe High School. I was attracted by the chance to meet new people, have new experiences and more independence and discover a new way of learning through a course with 100% coursework.

What I really enjoy about College is that it is such a change from my previous school. I was told at the beginning that if I didn’t put in the work, then I simply wouldn't get the grades. I understand that it is up to me to work hard.

I love how supportive my teachers are and how I can get on with my work with less pressure than my old school. They are always available to talk to me if I need any help and always reply to emails offering as much advice as possible. They are right there guiding me through.                 

My greatest achievement as a student at Henley so far has been achieving Distinctions in all of my assignments. I now have a final target grade of D* D*!       

The College is definitely helping me work towards my future goals and the Public Services course helps me focus on the area of work I am interested in, but also enables me to keep my options open within this field.

This course is accepted by universities, and so I am hoping to progress to do a degree in Criminology, or apply for a degree apprenticeship.”

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