PR Director Talks to Marketing Students

Jim Pople, PR Director, visits Marketing students giving them an insight into the industry.

Jim Pople, PR Director at C8 Consulting, visited Applied Marketing students last week to give them an insight into the PR industry. He spoke about the types of PR, how to get into it, the required skills and the opportunities that come with it.

Student Amber said, "I found it informative as he talked about the pros and cons of the PR industry. This left me with a well-rounded view of PR and if I was suited to a job in the industry as well as what qualifications and experience I would need. It provided me with a much better understanding of the field."

Jim said, "I enjoyed talking about the inner workings of PR and providing an insight of how to get into the profession to young people. Seeing students engaged and interested in exploring their future options was great!"

Business and Marketing Teacher, June Hogan said, "Inviting Industry specialists in to speak to students can help them develop important skills, increase their understanding of communication, and provide valuable career guidance. Jim talked to our students about the importance of communication in different contexts, such as in marketing, public affairs, and crisis management. Jim shared real-world examples of successful and unsuccessful PR campaigns, helping students to understand the impact of effective communication on public perception. Students were able to learn about the different career paths available and the skills and qualifications required to succeed in the industry.

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