Outstanding Activism award for Amnesty Youth Group

The Henley College Amnesty International Youth Group have won an award at the Amnesty International UK National Conference at Nottingham University.

This is the second year running that the group has scooped a win for Outstanding Activism, a great achievement reflecting the work and commitment of the student members.

The award was received in recognition of the campaigning undertaken on behalf of Albert Woodfox, the longest-serving isolated prisoner in the US. He had endured 43 years in solitary confinement and on Friday 19 February, on his 69th birthday, he was suddenly released. In December, as part of Amnesty's ‘Write for Rights’ campaign, the students made beautiful handmade cards to send to Albert to show he had not been forgotten. The students held stalls around College and at the College musical, Our House, where staff, students and members of the public wrote messages of support in the cards.

Student Adrian Rodriguez-Sobstel commented: "I found the AGM a humbling experience, where I was able to speak to so many people who were passionate about the same thing. The heart of the weekend was undoubtedly the exhibition centre, which allowed me to look at all the different campaigns that AIUK are involved in. The resolutions were all very interesting, and it's so nice to know that all of our opinions as Amnesty members are taken into account in the decision making process".

Student Sakina Murtaza added:Everyone at the conference came together and debated and voted on the resolutions at the voting parties. There were some important issues such as should climate change research be on the agenda which I found really important however it was controversial and the debates were great. All in all the AGM conference was an amazing experience, and I will definitely be going again next year".

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