Meet our new Student Union President

Meet our amazing Student Union President Grace Noble! Grace, 17, moved to Henley from London in August 2017. In London she attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. She is a keen musician and recently acquired a miniature dachshund, which has already eaten her best shoes! Read our interview with her to find out more...

Why did you choose The Henley College?

After having a look online, we saw that The Henley College offered all the subjects I was interested in studying at A Level. We visited one of the Open Days and I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the College and the feedback from the students. I could definitely see myself as a student at the College from the offset!


What are you studying at The Henley College?

Theatre Studies, English Literature and History A Levels (alongside an EPQ in my first year).


What do you enjoy most about being at the College?

I love the atmosphere - there are so many different students on various courses and so many interesting people to meet! The teachers are brilliant and genuinely enthusiastic about their subjects. The College also provides so many opportunities to the students and there is so much to get involved in through the enrichment activities which I would strongly recommend to any new students. I took part in the College production of ‘The Addams Family’ musical as my enrichment programme last year, which was an absolutely incredible experience as I made new friends and also could develop my interest in performance.


What is important about the SU at The Henley College?

The Students’ Union is an integral part of the College - we strive to represent the views of the entire student body and make changes that the students want to see.

We also organise events throughout the year, with our most recent achievements being events for Mental Health Awareness Week and Pride Month.


How do you see your future – and how has The College contributed to that?

My aspiration is to work in a creative industry, with my main interests being music and theatre. While I’m still deciding upon my choices for Higher Education, the College has provided a wealth of information, including a University Fair at the College, guest speakers from specific subject areas, and tutor sessions discussing future options.


Is there anything else you would like to say about life at The Henley College?

Quality of education is important, but it is also important to enjoy your time in the education system. I can honestly say that the College has ticked both of those boxes – and more!