Local Recruitment Firm gives students career advice

Mo Banks of Henley based Recruitment Company BBO gave some sound advice to 1st year sports students yesterday.

Role-play and interaction were on the agenda with Mr Banks going on to talk to students about job seeking and the wide range of career opportunities available. An informative and lively Q & A session followed.

Many of the class looking for a career in sport were advised by the 27 year old businessman on how to write effective CV’s and a variety of interview techniques.

17 year old Basketball player Ben, said "it’s really good to hear from a successful guy who really knows his stuff. I took a photograph of the CV template and will definitely use it.”

After rounding up his visit by sharing his football and University experiences, Mo said, “It was really good to meet such an energetic and talented group. I would love to help out more with anything in the future”