IT and Computing Courses at The Henley College

We offer a range of qualifications in IT and Computing to give students the skills they need to work in our increasingly digital world.

We live in a digital age and now more than ever businesses rely on people with the digital skills to take their company further.

We offer a number of different qualifications in IT and Computing so read on to find out which one is best suited to you and your future goals.

Computer Science A level

Designed to introduce you to Computational Thinking and Software Engineering principles, this A level gives you an introduction to Computer Science. Students will study key algorithms and principles upon which modern computing is based, and how to programme in modern, object orientated programming language –C#.

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Applied IT (Extended Certificate)

Applied A levels or Extended Certificates are equivalent to an A level but are assessed on course work and exams. Applied IT is marked on 50% course work and 50% exams and features units on Programming, Social Media and Cyber Security. Option units include Website, Games and Mobile App development.

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Digital Game Production (Extended Certificate)

This Extended Certificate is equivalent to an A level and looks at Digital Games Production and Digital Media Skills, with optional units of study on 3D Environments, Digital Animation, Games, Testing and Game Engine Scripting. This course gives students the opportunity to progress to a degree in an Information Technology discipline.

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ICT and Computing (Extended Diploma) Level 3

Equivalent to three A levels this vocational course will give students a broad understanding of Computing IT which will help them identify which area to pursue in the future. Topics covered in this course include IT systems, creating an IT system for information management, Cyber Security, programming and Project Management.

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Information and Creative Technology (Extended Certificate) Level 2

Covering a wide range of aspects involved in the computing and creative technology fields, designed to show students what is possible. Students will build their own websites using tools such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop to create graphics. This exiting course will teach students excellent technical computing knowledge as well as open their eyes to the creative side of ICT.

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