'Homer' Isolation Challenge!

Despite the challenges of a national lockdown, our second year Classics and Ancient History students have managed to go ahead with a planned charity dressing-up day.

Odysseus, everyone’s favourite Greek hero, was infamous for his VERY short legs and his ill-advised thefts of cheese.

Sports teacher, Becky Honour, had entered this year’s London Marathon to raise money for FOP Friends, the only UK charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. FOP is one of the rarest and most debilitating conditions, where muscles, tendons and ligaments turn to bone, progressively restricting movement and eventually imprisoning the body in a second skeleton.

Some weeks ago, the students had decided to support Becky and FOP Friends by having a sponsored end-of-term dressing-up day, attending College dressed as a character from the Ancient World.

Due to the progression of the Coronavirus situation the London Marathon has been postponed to the 4th October, training resumes when runners are allowed and fundraising continues. The College was also forced to close. But, keen to maintain team-spirit despite the social distancing measures, the event went ahead from isolation with students creating their costumes from objects found around their homes.

Connie Hubbard, who studies Classics, Ancient History and English, said: “I did a Hermione Granger when the A Levels were ditched “OH NO! The exams are cancelled”. We’d all worked so hard, so I thought we needed a laugh, as some of us are finding the social isolation difficult. The only rule was that people had to use whatever they could find in their house, so they didn’t break the isolation guidance. So far we’ve raised £20 for FOP, but I’d like to think we’ll raise a bit more, as well as some smiles. Who knows, perhaps other subject areas might run their own competitions?”

Please visit our Facebook page to ‘Like’ your favourite photo and help the students decide on a winner! If you would like to show your support for FOP Friends, please visit Becky’s fundraising page >

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, definitely looks as though she’s keeping calm and carrying on, despite social distancing
Hades, unlike Dionysus, seems to have let the cabin fever get to him. Setting fire to one’s hand whilst wearing a bed-sheet is a little extreme!
Nike’s expression says it all. Presumably she’s just seen Hades’ stunt. Obviously Nike is born to lead.
Odysseus, everyone’s favourite Greek hero, was infamous for his VERY short legs and his ill-advised thefts of cheese.
Persian soldiers fought in wicker armour – remind us, why did they lose the Battle of Marathon?
Polyphemus, a giant cyclops – bad-tempered, sheep-herding and possessive of his cheese.
The riddle of this Sphinx is ‘who is it?'