Henley Student has Article Published in Reading University Newspaper

Amrit came to us with a copy of Reading University’s newspaper, who had published an article she had written across two pages of their paper. The article centres around the topic of plastic waste. Read more to discover more about Amrit's journey with us and how the article came about being published.

“My name is Amrit, I turned 20 this September and I live in Reading. I had originally completed my A-Levels at my sixth form last year in 2018. I had studied Biology, Photography and Physical Education. Having completed them I decided to go to Australia before University as a part of my gap year. However, I made a very last minute decision to not rush into University, and actually go back to a college to re take Biology and do English Language. Throughout my A-Level Photography course, I have been able to express my passion for communication and my desire to interact with people via spoken, written and visual mediums. There was no doubt I am now heading in the right direction towards a career in journalism.

I am currently studying Biology, English Language and doing an EPQ focused on visual communication; how photography can portray environmental damage.

My initial impression was that everyone who works here are super supportive and friendly, especially the English department who had helped me when I first visited the College as a fast track student. The building and Henley as a place generally, feels like home with breath taking scenery. I had met Fran who has been incredibly supportive and helped me with my personal statement as well; she has been like a friend to me and been there as someone I can talk to with whatever It is I’m worrying about.

I specifically decided to come to Henley College because of its reputation and prestigious name. The one thing that helped me make up my mind was when I came here for my first time and I was guided and looked at by the teachers. I knew it would be a perfect place for me to learn and be focused to achieve my academic goal; to get into Russell group University with the support I need to get there.

Due to being a fast track student at the college, my course structure is slightly different as I am not studying across two years like a majority of those taking their A-Levels. The layout for me involves two, two hour lessons a week of both first year and second year of English Language. I am revising the first year of Biology by myself, with help from the teachers when I need it and I am in a second year Biology class. My EPQ lessons are every Friday which are super fun!

I would like to get into a journalism field or within the media industry; getting into radio and presenting is the goal. I will be studying English Language with Linguistics at University. My options are Kings College London, Sussex, Southampton, Warwick and Queens Mary University, as my five choices. However, if I unexpectedly get 2 A’s I’d love to go to UCL. Since studying English language at A-Level, I have actually found a passion for the linguistics part of language and the science of the brain. I’d love to consolidate my knowledge and explore my creativity at University and see where it takes me; as for now, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I am excited where I will be going in the near future.”

Amrit came to us with a copy of Reading University’s newspaper, who had published an article she had written across two pages of their paper. This is extremely impressive and incredibly proactive which is great to see. The article was based around plastic waste, particularly at Reading Festival. This being such a highly topical and critically important subject matter, it is very encouraging to see a current student take such interest in and write so well about.

“Since going to Reading festival in the summer, I had noticed the ridiculous amount of plastic water bottles thrown on the ground. Plastic pollution is incredibly relevant and the harm it’s causing in the ocean to the marine life is heart breaking. I did some research and noticed Reading University had a newspaper called ‘The Spark’. It was actually a humbling experience of how it was published; I was in the radio studio originally joining the ‘Junction 11’ team so I could start my podcast at the University. I bumped into the girl who actually runs the newspaper and I told her about my passion for the planet and environment, and she said how there was space in the environmental section of the newspaper and she had to have my idea for the paper! I originally had written the article as a blog and then it was published in the paper. It took up the double pages on the second page and the centre was filled with my photograph of a water can.

My passion for expressing my creativity through written and visual platforms has influenced my decision about studying English Language. When travelling through Australia, I was able to experience and immerse myself in a different culture, whilst still being able to build strong relationships through the use of language. During this time, I was also given the opportunity to teach English to newcomers in Australia and have since taken up volunteering to teach English to children at my former primary school. This has cemented my desire to study English language at university. My ultimate goal is to work in journalism or social media, which would give me the ability to inspire others through language.

The Henley College has given me a chance for a new beginning; a second chance to set me the right direction that I always imagined me going, but was misguided to know how to. The college has given me an opportunity to feel re inspired and focused on the person I want to become, rather than the confused, lost person I felt in the past.

Finally, I just want say thank you for everyone for being supportive and the Language department for recognising my hard work. This isn’t the end and I have also written for the Henley College newspaper too. I have more to give for my time here and I’m excited to be a part of this movement together, give back and help others.”


Please follow the link to Amrit’s blog and show some support for her highly engaging and articulate work: https://amritsblogportal.blogspot.com/2019/09/shocking-effects-of-plastic-waste.html

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