A piece from former Grammar School pupil, Lynn Hart, who is one of the organisers of the reunion that will be taking place in July.

In 2017 The Henley College celebrated 30 years of teaching and learning excellence, although our origins can be traced back to King James I Grammar School founded in 1604. These foundations closely reflect the academic and vocational traditions that still remain at the forefront of today's offering.


Did you go to Henley Grammar School?    

We’d love to invite to our Reunion on Saturday, 18th July 2020 at the Rotherfield Building. We are both celebrating ‘special birthdays’ in 2020 and what better way than to organise one great big party!!    We were in the last intake of the Henley Grammar School from 1973 – 1978 – so this is for anyone who attended the Grammar School up until 1978 – staff included! 

We do need to know names and numbers so are asking folk to register with their start/finish dates and maiden name if appropriate!  We have received nearly 200 registrations so far from all over the world, including Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the US.   Several ‘golden oldies’ have registered – the earliest starting date so far is 1941.  

One Golden Oldie - Beryl Potter (nee Eymor) is age 84 and coming from Australia, where she has lived for 50 years. She left the Grammar School in 1952 after her O’levels and remembers singing in the school choir, playing tennis and hockey.  

Whole families – brothers and sisters from abroad and in the UK are coming: one brother is flying over from America and said ‘he can’t wait to re-connect with old school friends and have a pint of Brakspears later!’

Memories of school pranks are already being remembered: 

  • Who built the brick wall across the Drive? Thankfully, it didn't have any mortar!
  • The banner that was hung from the roof saying 'HMP Henley' (Her Majesty's Prison).
  • Remembering how the girls used to roll their waistbands to raise their skirts high and then a quick release when the Senior Head was about!

Lovely comments and feedback from ex pupils include:  “I loved school... my children think it sounds like Hogwarts with teachers floating around in their gowns and flicking chalk at misbehaviours!! Really looking forward to seeing old building, lawn sweeping down to tennis courts and rose garden... hopefully!”


We’d love to find as many ex pupils as possible – it was a great school and we all have so many happy memories. We’d like to make it a day that everyone will always remember. A real trip down Memory Lane – or should we say - down the old School Drive!!

To register: please email lynn@harttoheart.co.uk or write to Sandra Wickens, The Henley College, Deanfield Site, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon., RG9 1UH.